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InfoShare Manages Technologies


What We Do :

In the corporate workplace or in the small business arena, computers and technology represent a substantial investment. InfoShare Manages your technology so you dont have to. InfoShare can play a critical role in helping you maintain the integrity of the systems you own. We stay up to date with changes in technology so you can spend time managing your business! we are here to provide technical support for all the needs you may have, Enterprise, Small Business, and some residential, maintaining high end service levels for you at a fraction of the cost associated with typically impersonal out-sourced support.

Under Development


This site is currently being designed and developed in stages :

Any Questions regarding Sales or pricing inquiries e-mail or call the numbers below.

If you are in need of IT services in the Tampa Bay area or vicinity contact us; Office (727) 433-8492, or cell (857) 333-2222. Check back frequently to see progress, especially if you are interested in the design process!!

Some of the Companies InfoShare has done business with and/or currently support are located Here...


OS Security


OS Management:

Let InfoShare be responsible for your Enterprise deployments. Building the OS to the customers specification, testing its integrity, creating an image, then passing it on to PC manufacturers such as Dell, HP, or IBM, for them to incorporate in company wide pre-purchase imaging. After recieving the equipment from the vendor, and preforming client configuration, the machine is then delivered to the end users. Complete operating system integrity and management can be maintained as follows.
  • OS Installed identically thereby reducing sytem variables, which in turn dramatically reduces troubleshooting issues.
  • Software base is strictly managed, and maintained also reducing variables introduced into the OS, making troubleshooting issues less complex.
  • Images updated regularly for both deployment issues as well as disaster prevention.
  • Images need not be limited to Microsoft OS'

Custom System Builds


Computers/Servers :

With Extensive experience with equipment troubleshooting and custom system builds ranging from server class hardware, and CAD workstations to, development and high end gaming machines, InfoShare has played the role of making hardware recommendation to several large scale corporate operations including Excite@home, Pogo, Blue Mountain arts, and others. We evaluate your needs and recommend appropriate cost effective equipment.

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